One of the “KEY” Foundations of The Life Safety Association is “PARTNENERING” you with “Life Safety” Businesses owners that need quality Partners to provide Services & Products that they do not wish to provide. Please let me give you a few examples. About 95% of all Alarm-Security People are not in the Locksmith Businesses. Their Customers know that if they need any “Life Safety” Services they can call their Alarm-Security Business and they will find them a quality Contractor that will provided the needed service. We have Locksmiths in all Cities & Market areas to Partner with our Alarm-Security Businesses, Fire Extinguishers Businesses and Fire Sprinkler Companies. Now that many Locksmiths are getting into Access Control, many Locksmiths need good relationships with the Alarm People to “Interconnect” the systems. Most Alarm-Security Companies use a Locksmith to do their “Magnetic Lock” installation. Please ask your Life Safety Association to send you the 4 page “Document” # L-104 “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PARTNERING WITH A LOCKSMITH” The following are several opportunities for our Members to find “PARTNERS” that can help their Life Safety Business add new Customers and grow. 

1. FIRE EXTINGUISHER SALES &SERVICES BUSINESSES MAKE GOOD PARTNERS. We love the Fire Extinguisher “Profit Centers”. Just about every Building, Business, Church, School, Institution, Government Building and many others must Buy Fire Extinguishers, and they must be Inspected, Serviced and “Tagged” every year. We like to call this “Legislated Income”; the law says it must be done. We have many Fire Extinguisher Company Members that want to be “Partners” with you. Their “Route Sales” People go into every location with Fire Extinguishers looking for new Customers, Most of these “Route Sales” People are trained to “SELL” many of your Products and Services, they find you Great Sales Leads” you pay your “Partners” a small fee after you complete the Profitable job. Please ask us for our 4 Page “Document” # F-103 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT “PARTNERING” WITH A FIRE EXTINGUISHER BUSINESS”. 

2. FIRE SPRINKLER INSPECTIONS, SERVICE, MONITORING & NEW INSTALLATIONS - Fire Sprinkler Companies make good “PARTNERS”. Most have hundreds or thousands of Customers. Most of them are focused on New Installations and working with the General Contractors. Most do not do the Monitoring, many need an Alarm-Security “Partner” to do the Monitoring and/or work with them on Fire Alarms. Many Fire-Sprinkler Companies have a Fire Alarm division and are Hiring NICET Certified Technicians to get Repairs and Inspections done. Most Fire Sprinkler Companies would like to “PARTNER” with a Life Safety Company that is a specialists in Fire Alarms. Our Members need to be more active Building the relationships with our Members who want to be Partners. Our Fire Sprinkler Members can be a fantastic lead source for our other Life Safety Businesses owners. There long time Contractors, Property Management Companies and other quality Customers need Locksmiths, Alarm-Security People and Fire Extinguisher Businesses. Again you need 4 Pages of the details needed to become “Partners” with a Fire Sprinkler Company, ask for “Document” # F-102 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT “PARTNERING” WITH A FIRE SPRINKLER BUSINESS

Next week we will be adding more information about our “PARTNERSHIP” If you have questions today please send Dennis Riley an e-mail and we will get right back to you.