1. A LOCK SMITH NEEDS TO HAVE MANY “PARTNERS” TO HELP THEM FIND NEW CUSTOMERS. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS BUSINESSES CAN FIND LOCKSMITHS MANY NEW CUSTOMERS. Every new Business opening up should want to have his Locks “Rekeyed”; they may need a Fire Proof- Safe for valuable Paper work and other valuables. I had one Alarm- Security Company that used our $2.00 Bill Sales Program to Tripple the Leads they were getting from the Locksmith. The Locksmith would let the Alarm-Security Company know when he had been doing lock work for a new Business opening up. That is a great lead for an Alarm Company, the first one in the door usually gets the Business. The Alarm-Security Salesman would go by and give the shop owner 25 $2 Bills. (You can get them at any Bank). The shop owner would give 12 of them ($24), to the technician who found the lead. Each time they would spend a $2 bill, they would remember where they got that extra money, and they would focus on finding more leads. You may want to ask the life Safety Association for “Document” L-124 “OUR FANTASTIC TWO DOLLAR BILL SALES PROGRAM”. The Alarm-Security sales person was always looking for Lock work for his Association “Partner”. 

2. LOCKSMITHS GET MANY LEADS FROM WHAT WE LIKE TO CALL OUR “DECAL SALES PROGRAM. Many Alarm-Security People and Fire Extinguisher People do a lot of canvassing, many like to place an easy to remove “Decal-Sticker” on the front door. Most of these go on the vacant “For Rent” Buildings. These decals list all the Life Safety Service they provide including the Service of their Partners. When anyone finds a sales lead, everyone wins. Our Association Sales Programs get into a lot of details of how to get the best results with low cost programs. We have many “Internet Sales Programs” that get great results. 

3. TRADE ASSOCIATIONS CAN FIND MANY CUSTOMERS FOR LOCKSMITHS. There are many Life Safety Associations where Locksmiths can find some of their best Customers. One of the best and most important is ASIS THE AMERICAN SOCEITY OF INDUSTRIAL SECURITY, it is so important that it has had 6 Presidents of the United States as Honorary Members. They have over 35,000 Members. If you are a Director of Security for any large Institution, Hospital, School, university, Government Building, Factory, Distribution Facilities, these are the key People that hire the Locksmiths to take care of their Locks, Safes, Key Systems and Access Control. They have 200 Chapters with one in every major City and 5 in the Washington- Baltimore area. The Property Management Industry is one of the best markets for Locksmiths. There are about 4 Trade Associations that can help you get Business from the Property Management Companies. You will want to ask “THE LIFE SAFETY ASSOCIATION” to E-Mail you a copy of our 4 Page “Document” L-125 “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SELLING LIFE SAFETY PRODUCTS & SERVICES TO MEMBERS OF THE LIFE SAFETY ASSOCIATIONS & OTHER ASSOCIATION. We suggest that you should focus on 11 of these Associations that collectively have over 75,000 Members. They all have Locks in their Homes, Businesses, Properties & Cars plus other facilities. 

4. LOCKSMITHS SHOULD ADD NEW “PROFIT CENTERS” TO THEIR BUSINESSES. The Life Safety Association spend a lot of time with its members showing them how beneficial it is to add New Profit Centers that compliment what you are now doing. Here on our “Web Site” is a list of over 50 “Profit Centers” used collectively by the Life Safety Industries. Locksmiths on the average use about 8 “Profit Centers”. When you put out a Little effort to add one good “Profit Center” that effort will brings in many new Customers will bring in a lot of new Business for your existing “Profit Centers. The Association likes to make sure that Owners of Locksmith Businesses understand that adding the right Profit Center will on the average make their Business worth another $100,000. 

5. WE WANT ALL LOCKSMITH OWNERS TO FOCUS ON THEIR “EXIT STRATEGY. EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE NO INTEREST IN SELLING. One of One Life Safety Associations Member-Partners is Beltway Nationwide Business Brokerage; they are Specialists in helping People Buy & Sell Locksmith Businesses and all other Types of Life Safety Businesses. Beltway is helping many Locksmiths get into the Alarm-Security Business and many find it easier to get into the Fire Extinguisher Businesses. One of the many Association Benefits is our “Partner” Beltway Nationwide Business Brokerage will give you a CONFIDENTIAL FREE valuation of your Business and tell you what it should SELL for. When they give you the Free Valuation, they will make 10 suggestions of what you should do in the next 12 months to make your Business more valuable. It is very important that you know what the “EQUITY” gain is each year on your Business. This important figure is not on you “Profit & Loss” Statement or your Balance Sheet. 

Next month we will be adding a lot more information that will be valuable to Locksmiths and other Life Safety People.