Guards And Investigations


The Guard and Investigation side is one of the five Divisions of the Life Safety Industries. The majority of these Businesses do not provide most of the other needed Life Safety Services. They need “Partners” to provide these services. To be competitive in the Guard Business today, they need to be able to provide Video Security Services. The Guard Companies know that their customers need all types of Electronic Security; they need to let their Customers know that they have the PARTNERS that can provide the needed services. The following items are areas that owners & Sr. Management of Guard Companies should focus on. 

1. YOU NEED A “PARTNER” IN THE ELECTRONIC SECURITY INDUSTRY. All your Customers need Electronic Security to get them the best protection possible for the facilities the Guards protect including the Building Fire Alarms that many Guards must monitor. These Alarm-Security Companies can find you Guard Contacts. 

2. YOU NEED A “PARTNER” IN THE FIRE SPRINKLER BUSINESS. Almost every building that your Guards Protect have a Fire Sprinkler System. In the event of an Emergency such as a Sprinkler Head going off, the Guard must know how to get into the Sprinkler room and turn the water off if it is not a real Fire. Water Damage can cost Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having a good Fire Sprinkler Company that can provide 24/7 Emergency Service is a good “PARTNER” to have. If I owned a Guard Company I would want every Fire Sprinkler Company to know us and want us to be the “Guard” Company of Choice. When Fire Sprinkler Companies have a system in Multi-Tenant Buildings or Apartments that are down because of repairs, they need guards on Fire Watch until repairs are completed. Our Association has “DOCUMENTS” that can help you with you Marketing. You may wish to ask us for “DOCUMENT” # G – 130 “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FINDING “PARTNERS” TO HELP SELL MY GUARD & INVESTIGATION SERVICES”. Your Association wants a relationship with one or two of your best Marketing People. We want to focus on a dozen Programs to help you expand your Business with new Larger Customers. 

3. YOU NEED TO HAVE A PARTNER IN THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER SALES &  SERVICE BUSINESS. All your Customers have Fire Extinguishers. In so many Fire Emergencies your guards are the “FIRST RESPONDERS”, they should have good knowledge as to where all Fire Extinguisher are located and how to use them quickly. Your guard may have the ability to put out that small fire. Fire Extinguisher Companies Service Thousands of Buildings and they can introduce you to companies and the largest Apartment Buildings with a Security Guard at the Entrance reception area. You need some Fire Extinguisher “PARTNERS”. 

4. MANY GUARD & INVESTIGATION COMPANY OWNERS ARE WANTING TO BUY-OUT RETIRING FRIENDLY COMPETITORS OR OTHER COMPANIES THAT COMPLIMENT WHAT THEY NOW DO. One of our “PARTNER- VENDORS” of The Life Safety Association is Beltway Nationwide Business Brokerage. They can find you those retiring Competitors. Maybe your Guard Business should buy a small Fire Extinguisher Business and grow it into a large Fire Extinguisher Business. This new Association “Partner” each year will give you a FREE valuation of what your Business is worth and what it can be sold for. When they do this for you, they will also give you a list of 10 “Things” you can do in the next 12 months to make your Business more Valuable. 

5. IF YOU ARE IN THE GUARD-INVESTIGATION BUSINESS, YOU NEED TO JOIN “THE LIFE SAFETY ASSOCIATION TODAY”. This association is all about Sales & Marketing, it is about many “PARTNERSHIPS”, it is about your “Profit & Loss Statements & Balance Sheets”, and your Association is always interested in your Gross Sales & Net Profit. The Association is always finding ways to bring to your attention money making opportunities in the Life Safety Industries. Please send us an e-mail today with your questions. 6. THE PRESIDENT OF OUR ASSOCIATION, DENNIS RILEY, SOLD HIS ALARM COMPANY TO THE WACKENHUT CORPORATION AND THEN WAS THEIR GENERAL MANAGER. He has a lot of Experience working with Guard Businesses and he has a lot of experience helping People Buy & Sell Guard Businesses. He would like to have a meeting with you to look at all opportunities to Build your Business and take it to the next higher Level. 

Again, please send us an e-mail today. Every week there is new information on our Web Site to help you grow your Business. 

Dennis Riley 

Cell: 240-462- 8220