The following are Life Safety Businesses our Association “PARTNER”, Beltway Nationwide Business Brokerage has FOR SALE. 

1. Listing # 7009 an Alarm-Security Business in Central New Jersey. They are ready to add on other Life Safety Services which will include 6 Profit Centers related to the Fire Extinguisher Business. They also want to add “Water Back-Flow” Inspections & Repairs. They have been in the R.M.R. Monitoring Alarm Business for over 30 years. Gross Sales $900,000. Net Cash Flow $110,000. There are about 800 Monitored Customers, they produce about $20,000 per month in R.M.R. (Reoccurring Monthly Revenue) These Accounts have a value near $800,000 (the Inventory). The Seller values the Operational side of the Business at $500,000. His asking Price is $1.3 Million. His Operational Gross Sales are $900,000. 

2. Listing # 7025 Alarm-Security Life Safety Business – In the Baltimore- Washington DC market area. 30 years in Business – 2,200 R.M.R accounts (Reoccurring Monthly Revenue) producing $50,000 monthly – this Business has 12 Life Safety Profit Centers including Access Control, Residential & Commercial alarms, Bank Security, A large amount of Government Work - Video –Fire Alarms- Fire Sprinkler Monitoring- Industrial & Temperature supervision, Water Back Flow inspections – they are getting ready to add 6 New Profit Centers related to the Fire Extinguisher & Locksmiths Industries. Gross Sales $1.5 million -- Net $240,000 asking $2.5 Million – please ask Dennis Riley for the “EXECUTIVE SUMMERY”. 

3. Listing #6956 Fire Extinguishers – Fire Sprinkler – Alarm-Security - & Fire Alarm Business – This Business is located in Central Fl. This aggressive Fast growing Life Safety Business has 22 Profit Centers; this is more than double used by the average Alarm Security Business. They now do $7 Million in sales, with a net of $900,000. The Asking Price is $6.4 million. 35 years ago they started out as a Fire Sprinkler Company, about 9 Years ago; they added about 14 additional “Profit Centers” focusing on The Alarm Security & Fire Extinguisher sides of the Business. The non- sprinkler side of the Business is doing over $4 million in sales. This Business is in the Position to add “NO BRICK & MOTAR OFFICES” (Mobile Sales, Service & Installation Vehicles) that can cover all of Florida & beyond. You must READ the Executive Summery on this Investment opportunity. 

4. Listing 6959 -- A Fire Alarm Business in Atlanta Ga. That also does 6 additional Profit Centers related to Alarm Security. He does the Fire Alarm NICET Certified Design Work and Installations for the Leading Security Companies in the Atlanta area. He also handles his own Monitored Customers. He does a lot of Video and Access Control. This Business is priced right at $495,000 – Sales are $580,000 and the Net is $70,000. His 300 Central Station Customers producing $9,000 per month in R.M.R. (Reoccurring Monthly Revenue) is a large amount of the SELLING Price. Again you will want to see the “Executive Summary”’ 

5. Listing # 6962 A FIRE SPRINKLER COMPANY that is ready to add Alarms- Security & Fire Extinguisher to their Business. They have 4 Offices in Northern FL. They do $7 Million in Sales, with a net of $800,000. The Asking Price is $4,995,000. They have a large Management Team with strong Marketing skills. They are the Leading Fire Sprinkler Company in their Market area. A large amount of their Sales volume is the annual Inspections & Repairs. The large opportunity with this Business is adding 12 New Profit Centers and doing the needed “CROSS MARKETING” with their thousands of existing Customers. The “Executive Summary” on this Business is most interesting. 

6. Listing # 6966 An Alarm-Security Companies has been in Business for 25 years. They have 1,500 Monitored Customers that pay $45,000 per month in R.M.R. – They are in the Baltimore & Washington, DC Market area. They have Gross Sales of $1.1 Million, a Net of $200, 00 and our asking $1.6 Million. The R.M.R. is valued at the asking price. The Operational side of the Business is valued at $200,000 and included in the Asking Price. The Executive Summary gets into the 10 Profit Centers that should be added to this Life Safety Business.

7. Listing # 7026 A LIFE SAFETY BUSINESS – It is an Alarm-Security Business with 12 Profits Centers, It is a Fire Extinguisher Business with 6 Profit Centers, and it is a Fire Sprinkler Company with 4 Profit Centers. It is a Locksmith Business with 4 Profit Business, that is a total of 26 Life Safety Businesses all rolled into one. This is not a Franchise, it is a Dealer Program. Extensive Training is Provided, We find you the NICET Technicians, Managers & Sales People. This Business can be located anywhere in the United States. Sales and Marketing is one of the 4 major parts of this Business. A foundation of this Business is the R.M.R. (Reoccurring Monthly Revenue). This Business is already started with Sub- Contractors & “Partners” who know the Business. You need to ask for our 6 Page “Document” that gives you a lot more information about this Business. This Business is for sale for $29,500 and Owner Financing is available. 

8. LISTING # 2027 an Alarm-Security Business that is ready to grow after being a successful Residential & Commercial Alarm Company. He now Services about 300 Alarm Accounts and has a Strong referral of new Business. The Gross Sales are near $600,000 – with a strong net of over $200,000 because he sells his R.M.R. at the end of each month for about $15,000 of extra income. You need to get my “Executive Summary” on this most interesting Business; the key is the three key People that come with this Business. 

9. Listing # 7015 A FIRE SPRINKLER COMPANIES THAT 7 YEARS AGO added Alarm-Security & Fire Extinguisher to his Business. Now that part of his Business is about 40% of his Sales. His Fire Extinguisher Business is the # one Provider of those Products Services for his large Metropolitan City in Central Florida. His Fire Sprinkler Company will have increased sales this year of over $1.3 million Dollars. His Fire Extinguisher “Route Sales” People are going into every single Business, Building, and Church, School, Hospital, Jail, Government Building and any one that has Fire Extinguisher. When they are in front of those potential Customers, they make sure the customers know that their other Life Safety Divisions can take care of their Alarm-Security Systems, their Fire Sprinkler Systems, or any other Life Safety Product or Service they need. You need to ask me for my 20 Page “Executive Summary” on this Business. This Business is For Sale for $3.2 Million. The Gross Sales are $3.3 million and the Net is about $450,000. 

10. Listing # 7016 A FIRE EXTINGUISHER BUSINESS IN THE WASHINGTON DC – BALTIMORE AREA. Grossing $300,000, Net $60,000 for Sale for $120,000. Under Contract, but could be back on the market?? 

11. Listing # 6965 A FIRE EXTINGUISHERS – KITCHEN COMMERCIAL FIRE SUPPRESSION COMPANY that also install “Hood” & Fan Ventilating Systems in over 600 Restaurants. This is a 24 year old Business. It does $600,000 in annual sales, has a net of $170,000 and has just been reduced to an asking price of $390,000. Ask for the “Executive Summery” which will tell you of the many “UP-SIDES” to this Business. 



About 92% of all the above “LIFE SAFETY” Businesses have no interest in “SELLING” their Businesses. About 40% have a strong interest in Buying out their competitors when they are ready to sell or retire. I WANT TO BE YOUR BROKER, YOUR ACQUISITION MANAGER, I WANT TO HELP YOU GROW YOUR

BUSINESS, and I WANT TO BE YOUR “COACH”. I WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR GROSS SALES AND NET PROFITS. The following items will help you do that. Please send me an e-mail today with your questions or comments. 

YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT YOU TO PROVIDE THEM WITH ALL THEIR LIFE SAFETY SERVICES. If you are in the Alarm-Security Industries, your largest and best Customers want you to provide them with all their “LIFE SAFETY” services such as Fire Extinguishers, Fire suppressions Systems (Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection) they want you to monitor their Fire Sprinkler Systems. They want you to do the Inspections. You can also have “Sub-Contractors” or “Partners” help take care of your customers. Your best investment is to let us help you buy the right Companies to expand your Business instead of using sub-contractors. 

PEOPLE IN THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER BUSINESS WANT TO GET INTO THE ALARM- SECURITY BUSINESS. Their customers are always asking them, can you take care of or put an Alarm in my home & Business. Many just have a favorite Alarm- Company they refer the Business to, and if they are lucky they may get a Fruit Basket for Christmas. Yes you can have a good “Partnership” with 2 or 3 “Life Safety” businesses that can help you take care of your customers. When I owned a large Alarm-Security Business, I started a small one truck Fire Extinguisher Business for one reason, I knew that if I was the first person in the door to provide a new business with their required Fire Extinguishers, I would probably be first in line to get their Alarm-Security Business, and that sure worked great. 23 years later, I had 17 Trucks on the road taking care of 23,000 Commercial, Industrial, Government and Institutional facilities. My Fire Extinguisher division when I sold it for “Millions” was doing over $3 million in sales, a net of 18% and most importantly was finding me on the average about 25 new R.M.R. monitored accounts per months. We all know that the average $30 a month of R.M.R. is worth over $1,000. When I was adding those “EXTRA” 25 accounts per month that were worth a “REAL” $1,000 plus, that was $25,000 per month of “EQUITY” that was not on my balance sheet. That was a solid $300,000 per year in equity gain for my Alarm-Security Business.

SO DO YOU NEED TO BUILD A BETTER SALES DEPARTMENT? Please let me help you do that. We in the Alarm-Security Business have a difficult time building a profitable quality sales force. When you hire an experienced Alarm Sales Person, they want a big Salary plus commission & bonuses, 3 months later, the profits off their sales have not covered their expenses. You are in the hole with them for thousands of dollars, and you have to let them go, and most of them cannot develop leads, they can only sell what you hand to them. My Fire Extinguisher Route Sales People were my best sales People, they got the leads and I had 2 sales people that would go close all those leads. If you are in the Alarm-Security Business you need to buy a small or a large Fire Extinguisher business. Let me start today to get the job done for you. I can help you build the best sales department ever. Send that e-mail to “COACH” Dennis Riley today. 

MOST EVERYONE IN THE “ALARM-SECURITY” BUSINESSES DO NOT WANT TO BE IN THE FIRE SPRINKLER BUSINESS. You need to rethink that thought. Most of the owners of Fire Sprinkler Companies have entertained the thought of getting into the Alarm-Security Business and many have done so, they also like the R.M.R (that Reoccurring Monthly Revenue). You may not want to Install new Fire Sprinkler Systems, but you need to do the Testing & Inspections as required by “Codes” and insurance requirements, this is a great profit center and it is not hard to find NICET People who are trained and certified to do the proper Inspections. These “Inspectors” find many profitable repairs & upgrade work. My team of specialists can get you into these Businesses. 

NEW “PROFIT CENTERS” FOR THE THREE ABOVE INDUSTRIES ARE IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO TAKE A LOOK AT. You need to go to one of my “Web Sites” on this web site you will see the 50 plus “Profit Centers” used collectively by the Best Alarm-Security Businesses in our industry . The average Alarm-Security Business uses 8 to 12 of these “Profit Centers”. I now own an Alarm-Security Business “Midway Alarms” in the Washington-Baltimore Market area. It has 21 Profit Centers and 14 of them are doing great and the others are improving. Yes I also own a Fire Sprinkler Company Kensington Fire Protection in WASHINGTON DC, it has 8 Profit Centers and sends a lot of Business to my Alarm Security Company, and yes I do own a FIRE Extinguisher Business, Midway Fire Protection, it has 10 “Profit Centers”, it gets about 15% of its Business from my Alarm-Security Company and about 20% from my Fire Sprinkler Companies, I have a Fire Sprinkler Company “Listed For Sale” in Florida that does $6.2 million in sales, 7 years ago it added a Fire Extinguisher division & Alarms that now does over $2.6 million in sales and is more profitable than their original “Pure” fire sprinkler company. Please send me that e-mail today, so we can help rebuild your business plan one “Profit Center” at a time. I will be happy to provide you with all the needed details. 

YOU ARE IN THE “LIFE SAFETY” BUSINESS, YOU NEED TO EXPAND INTO THE OTHER AREAS OF YOUR GROWTH INDUSTRIES. For years when People would ask me what I do for a living, I would always tell them that I was in the Alarm Industry, and then I started to say the Alarm-Security Industry, then I would add “FIRE Extinguisher”, and then I added Fire Sprinklers. Today, I just say I am in “LIFE SAFETY” Services. I could then go into the hundreds of products and services I sell. I now spend most of my time helping people build their gross sales, their net profits, which makes their Business much more valuable when they are ready to sell. Many owners never want to think of selling, but even when you have no interest in selling, you should and must always look at your options. 

EXIT STRAETGY – ALWAYS A MUST TO KEEP YOUR EYE ON YOUR OPTIONS and when you do this, you will always be building your business to make it more profitable, which always adds to the value when you may want to sell or have to sell. Many people will tell me, “Dennis” my Kids or one of my “Family” members will be taking over the Business. If this is the case, there are a dozen way to make that transition work to your best advantage and protect your retirement. I would like to talk with you about these options. I tell People when they buy a business with my help, do not ever buy a Business unless you think about your “Exit Strategy” and know all your options. You need that secret File marked “Exit Strategy hidden in the back drawer of your desk, make sure 2 or 3 of your family member know about the file and your options. 

THERE ARE MANY COMPANIES FOR SALE THAT WOULD COMPLIMENT YOUR EXISTING BUSINESS. Their customers and your customers want the same thing; they want a quality company that can provide all of their “Life Safety” products and services. When they have a need or a “Life Safety” problem to solve they want to call that key person who will connect them to the “Specialist” that can take care of the problem, one company that has the answers to resolving their needs. These are the Companies that are growing and getting more profitable every month. Please let us help you manage these growth problems; it’s all about having Great Managers and good people on your team. 

OUR “COACHING” AND BROKERAGE SERVICES. We are looking for one Company in your market area that we can focus on. You tell us what type of Business you want to buy. We are communicating with every “Life Safety” Business in your market area usually around 300 or more companies. We usually have 3 to 5 of these Companies listed for sale or they are working on their “Exit Strategy” and getting ready to list the Business for sale with us. We receive a “Refundable” retainer of $2,000 We give you the “First Right of Refusal” when you buy the business we found you, we refund the $2,000, We will then be looking for the additional Businesses you may wish to buy and no retainer is needed. We will be happy to give you more details on this opportunity. 

WE WORK WITH MANY “LIFE SAFETY” BUSINESSES THAT DO NOT WANT TO BUY ANYONE, BUT THEY DO WANT TO GROW THEIR BUSINESS AND MAYBE GET IT READY TO SELL IN A YEAR OR THREE. These are the people that use our “Coaching” services. Every major Million Dollar sports figure has several “Coaches” helping them improve their game. I want to help you improve your game. I can give you my 4 page “Resume” if you think you would like to have it, but the following paragraph may help. 

Dennis Riley has been in all of the above 3 major “Life Safety” industries for well over 35 years. He has or did own 32 Companies in 17 Cities Coast to Coast. He bought small Companies for $200,000 to $300,000 or larger, then would build them for an average of about 3 years then sell them for over a Million Dollars. He has helped other Buyers and seller complete over 100 Transactions; these have been the most amazing educational experiences that Dennis would like to share with you. His “Coaching” is more than a bargain, he receives $290 per month to be your “Coach”, and he invoices you in advance for 3 months service $870. Every three months he will invoice you, if you are not happy with the results, fire him. Dennis will answer your phone calls, try his best to give you quality answers to all your questions, or send him e-mails telling him your areas of interest that you need help in, including finding good people. He can find you the banker who can help you buy that Business that is larger and more profitable than the one you have now. 

Please send me your questions or comments today:


CELL # 240-462-8220 



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