The Fire Sprinkler Industry is expanding its services in similar ways that other Life Safety Businesses are Expanding. Fire Sprinkler Companies are adding new “Profit Centers” because their Customers are always asking them about other Life Safety Products & Services that they may need. When Fire Sprinkler Technicians are in a building doing the required annual Inspection, in many cases the Manager or the owner of the building may say why you are here why don’t you inspect my Fire Extinguishers, my Emergency Lighting, my Fire Alarm, my Water Back-Flow Device and maybe my Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System? It is unlikely that you will have a Technician that can do more than 3 of those “Certified – NICET” services. Our “Life Safety Association” helps our Members provide all these services to your Customers. The Following are just a few areas where you’re “Trade Association” -- “THE LIFE SAFETY ASSOCIATION” can help you. 

1. YOU HAVE 4 OR MORE OPTIONS TO ADD 6 NEW PROFIT CENTERS TO YOUR FIRE EXTINGUISHER DIVISION OF YOUR BUSINESS. If you are a Fire Sprinkler Business that is already doing Fire Extinguishers, then your “Life Safety Association will suggest a dozen ways to improve that part of your Business. You may wish us to have us send you our 4 page “Document” # F-121 “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IMPROVING FIRE EXTINGUISHER SALES & FIRE EXTINGISHERS SERVICES -- WHERE ARE THE NEW CUSTOMERS?" If you are not in the Fire Extinguisher Business now, a simple way to get started is to “PARTNER” with one or more of our “Partner Members”. They can take care of and protect your customers and you have a fair split of the Gross Profit. We have several suggested agreements. One of our “Partner-Members is Beltway Nationwide Business Brokerage who can find the right “Retiring” Association Member who wants to SELL their Fire Extinguisher Business to you. We have Association Vendor Members who are “Human Resource” employment specialists that can find that special person who can be your Fire Extinguisher Specialist. He or She will probably be NICET Certified. Your Life Safety Association is a specialist at finding NICET certified People. 

2. MANY FIRE SPRINKLER PEOPLE ARE EXPANDING INTO FIRE ALARMS. A large Fire Sprinkler Company in Florida that 3 years ago went decided to go into NICET- NFPA Fire Alarm Business, started to let their thousands of customers know that they were now aggressively in the Fire Alarm Businesses. They could install new systems to the required Codes and requirements; they could do the required Inspections & required Certification. They could do the needed repairs and could connect to their Central Station who is the Recommended Central Station of the Life Safety Association. This Company now has 7 Mobile Service Inspection vehicles working out of their Fire Alarm Shop. You may wish to ask for our “Document” F-122 “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HIRING NICET CERTIFIED FIRE ALARM TECHNICIANS”.

3. EVERY FIRE SPRINKLER COMPANY SHOULD BE IN THE CENTRAL STATION MONITORING BUSINESS. Too many Fire Sprinkler Companies do not do the Fire Department required Monitoring of the Fire Sprinkler Systems. Our Vendor-Partner in the Central Station Monitoring Business is the most recognized Central Station in Monitoring Fire Alarms & Fire Sprinkler Systems in the United States. The average R.M.R (Reoccurring Monthly Revenue) for Monitoring a Fire Alarm or Fire Sprinkler Systems should produce about $45 per month. This is a very valuable asset. Our Life Safety Association PARTNER Beltway Nationwide Business Brokerage has Buyer that will give you about $1,500 for each of those monitored accounts. If you go back to all of the Customers that you installed years ago and tell them that you now want to do their Monitoring, you should get maybe 10 new accounts per month, or $450 of new income each month. Which you can keep and enjoy the income or you can sell those 10 accounts for $15,000 dollars. We have Alarm-Security Members in The Life Safety Association who will be your “Partners” and take care of the installation and service of those systems if you do not want to do the Electronics. You may want to ask for our “Document” # F-123 “WHAT FIRE SPRINKLER COMPANIES NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CENTRAL STATION MONITORING." This 4 page “Document” gives you a lot more information about this most important “PROFIT CENTER” that you need to add to your Business. 

4. WHEN YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE LIFE SAFETY ASSOCIATION ONE OF THE IMPORTANT BENEFITS IS OUR SALES & EDUCATIONS PROGRAM THAT HELP YOU GROW YOUR SALES, NET PROFIT& EQUITY. Most Fire Sprinkler Companies have 8 to 12 “Profit Centers”; we will suggest dozen of ways for you to be a more valuable Business. Ever month we will be adding more information in this section of our Web Site making suggestions for you to look closer at great opportunities. We send you an E-Mail “NEWS LETTER” every month with valuable information for your Life Safety Business.