If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.


The Life Safety Association is an “Educational Association” that wants to do everything possible to help its members increase Sales, with many suggested Sales & sales lead development Program.  We have over 80 special proven programs used by the Best Alarm-Security Businesses.  A lot more about that later.  Our Alarm-Security “Life Safety Association” Members will love our Focus on over “50 PROFIT CENTERS” used collectively by   The Life Safety Industries.  The Average Alarm- Security Business will use 8 to 12 of these “Profit Centers”, most of our Members will add 2 or 3 Profit Centers each year to their Business, this gives you the ability to do a lot of “Cross Marketing” and get New Customers that need your existing Products & Services.  When you work with one of our “PARTNER MEMBERS” like Beltway Nationwide Business Brokerage, you may make the right decision to Buy or Start a “FIRE EXTINGUISHER SALES & SERVICE” Business, that would day one add another 6 “Profit Centers” to your Business.  If you are in the Fire Extinguisher Business, with your Associations help you will sell more than 5 Monitored R.M.R (Reoccurring Monthly Revenue) Alarm-Security Customers each month,  that you would not have found if you are not in the Fire Extinguisher Business.  If you are one of those Owners who says I will never be in the Fire Extinguisher Business, then your Association will suggest that you “Team-Up” with one of our “Partner Members” who will take care of your “Life Safety” customers.  The following are several of the reasons you will want to be a Member of “THE LIFE SAFETY ASSOCIATION”.

1.  YOUR ASSOCIATION IS IN THE PEOPLE BUSINESS, WE WANT TO HELP YOU FIND THOSE KEY MANAGERS, SALES PEOPLE & TECHNICIANS THAT CAN MAKE YOUR BUSINESS GROW. We have a dozen “Programs” to help our Members find those Special People. We will soon have a Classified Ad  section on our Web Site. You get some FREE advertising.  We have some Vendor-Members that are the Life Safety Industries best “Recruiters” if you are looking for a Great Manager or that “Lead Technical” Supervisor.  Your Association has several Programs dedicated to finding those Special NICET People.  We have a List of Every NICET Certified Person in the United States, The Life Safety Association can get you the Interviews. You may wish to ask the Association for our 4 Page “Document” --- “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HIRING NICET TECHNICIANS” Ask for Document # H-109

2. SALES & MARKETING  -- “NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL SOMEONE SELLS SOMETHING" I love that saying.  Your “Life Safety Association” is always focused on Sales & Marketing.  A large part of that effort is Lead Sources and Sales Lead development Programs, our Vendor-Partner programs will be great for developing leads for your Business. You will want to ask for our 4 Page “Document” # S-110  “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FINDING THE BEST SALES LEADS”  -- One of our Member-Vendor- PARTNERS  is again Beltway Nationwide Business Brokerage.  The Association likes to suggest that every Owner of an Alarm-Security Company each year should get a FREE  “CONFIDENTIAL” Valuation of their Business, our Partner Beltway has handled the sale of well over 100 Alarm-Security Businesses, they can tell you the value of your Business.  They believe that every Owner should know each year what their Business is worth.  They need to know each year what was their “Equity Gain” and why.  Then Beltway will suggest about a dozen “Things” that you should do in the next 12 months to have a much better improvement on your NET PROFIT and Equity Gain.  You may wish to ask the Association for their 4 Page “Document” # S-111  “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DOING A VALUATION OF YOUR BUSINESS”

3. THE OFFICE – THE “PROFIT & LOSS STATEMENT” – THE BALANCE SHEET – VENDOR & PRODUCT PURCHASING – INSURANCE – YOUR CPA RELATIONSHIP -  HOW ARE “THINGS” GOING WITH YOUR ATTORNEY? The Life Safety Association wants to be your Best Source for Management and Administration Help.  Every Month our “Life SAFETY” NEWS LETTER will suggest things to look at. We will be providing you with many of our 4 Page “EDUCATIONAL” Documents on Administrative & Management functions.  We will give you a lot of Information about our Attorney  & CPA Partners.  We will have many 4 Page “Documents” on Vendors, Manufactures & Alarm-Security Distributors who can give you Special Pricing or special “Sales Lead” Development Programs.  Too Many Life Safety Business owners do not spend enough time focused on their “Profit & Loss” Statements and the Balance Sheets.  When you give Better Attention to this area of your Business you will be more “Profitable” and you will be able to direct your managers & Personal more affectively.  You will want to pay attention to our News Letter each month and the Special “Documents” that you will want to read.  We have Industry knowledgeable  CPA’s &  Attorneys that can guide you away from problems.  We will be providing a wealth of Educational Information in these areas.

4. AQUZITIONS, BUYING & SELLING, AND THOSE NEW “PROFIT CENTERS”.   Expanding your Business and at the same time keeping an eye on your “EXIT STRATEGY” IS MOST IMPORTANT.  About 92% of all our Association Members do not want to focus on their “Exit Strategy”.  More and more of our Members realize that they must start giving that more attention to their EXIT STRATEGY  because most are looking to improve sales and Net Profits. Most think they will never SELL the Business and/or a Family Member will be taking over the Business.  The Life Safety Association wants to make sure you know about all your options. Again our Member-Partner Beltway will want you to know when any of your competitors are ready to SELL so you can have a first Look at the Opportunity.  You will have several Opportunities to look at small Businesses that you can add that can give you those needed new PROFIT CENTERS.

Every month we add to each page on this Association Web Site.